An interview with Lancashire Life

We were recently featured in the Lancashire Life Magazine. They asked us about our values and what motivates us, they were really interesting questions that made us think ... read the responses below!

Timberbuild in Lancashire life Magazine.JPG

WHAT ARE YOUR Company values?

We pride ourselves on quality, workmanship and customer service. 

The team a take great care in our work and we believe that we’d never send a product out that we wouldn’t be happy to receive ourselves. We are members of Made in Britain and FSB. We are also the only kennel manufacturer in the UK to hold a licence from the Kennel Club to produce a range of kennels in their name.


Why do customers select your products over competitors?

Being a dog owner myself, I understand the needs of our customers and their dogs. 

Not only are our kennels made to the highest of standards here at Bronte House, we also take your dog’s security very seriously once the kennels have left our building using the best bolts and locks available on the market. This, along with our ability to offer a bespoke design service to those with special requirements makes us the best in our field.


What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning? 

My family, my dogs and a pride in the work that we all produce here. 

We started the family business over twenty years ago and there’s nothing better than speaking to a returning customer and hearing praise for our work. We’re always on the look out for new things for our dogs and last year my wife (and business partner), came up with a design for a new range of indoor kennels. They’re finished to the same high specification as the outdoor kennels and they look great in any home. I really do love my job and I’m excited for the future knowing that my dogs and my client’s dogs are safe and secure in our kennels.