Prices start at £715.00 + VAT

Damp proof feet · 55mm off the ground · Quality redwood timber · Covered run · Day bench/sleeping box · 38kg green mineral felt

The Alexandra Kennel is a smart versatile wooden dog kennel and run from the Timberbuild range that provides a day bench/sleeping box, which allows for a comfortable warm sleeping area during the night and a nice platform for dozing on during the day. The fronts of these boxes are designed to be easily removed to allow easy access for cleaning and maintenance.

The kennel run area has a full height access door which is fully framed and with galvanised mesh windows as standard. The run area also has a mesh filled window that is also galvanised as are all the fittings on the Timber Build Dog Kennel range.

The images above may contain optional extras, please visit the accessories page for more details. 

Double kennel and run 

The double dog kennel and run is joined together by attaching the ends of the run area. Together the runs are separated by a timber frame and mesh infill dividing wall. This kennel is a fantastic solution for those dogs that need to be kept separate and will save you money as this will work out cheaper than two separate kennels. This kennel arrangement also makes best use of the available space. Optional extras include:- Roofing: galvanised bar.   

Kennel sizes & prices

Single kennel Dimensions Price
Alex-S1 8' x 4' x 5'h £715.00 + VAT
Alex-S2 10' x 4' x 5'h £741.59 + VAT
Alex-S3 10' x 4' x 6'h £816.75 + VAT
Alex-S4 12' x 4' x 5'h £875.79 + VAT
Alex-S5 12' x 4' x 6'h £914.29 + VAT
Double kennel Dimensions Price
Alex-D1 16' x 4' x 5'h £1,281.50 + VAT
Alex-D2 20' x 4' x 5'h £1,334.66 + VAT
Alex-D3 20' x 4' x 6'h £1,474.00 + VAT
Alex-D4 24' x 4' x 5'h £1,569.34 + VAT
Alex-D5 24' x 4' x 6'h £1,678.41 + VAT

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