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Price start at £687.50 +VAT


The Chappell dog kennel and run is Timberbuild's longest-running and best-selling dog kennel and run. This dog kennel and run has full kennelling to one side of the run with a full height access door. This kennel can be upgraded to include a stable door and opening window. The Chappell is built with a solid timber floor which can be made to be removable to allow for easier cleaning and maintenance. 

The kennel and run area are fully separate but with a hatch that allows the dog to move between both areas. This hatch can be manually closed to confine the dog to either area. This is great if you need to do any cleaning or maintenance away from the dog.

The images above may contain optional extras, please visit the accessories page for more details. 

All the materials for our wooden dog kennels are selected with quality and sustainability as our top priorities. The kennel is raised off the floor by 66mm with damp-proofed feet and comes as standard with mesh panels for the door and run area. 

Double kennel and run

The double dog kennel and run has full kenneling either side of the run area with full height access doors to both kennels.  These kennels can be upgraded to include stable doors and an opening window. The kennels are joined together by attaching the ends of the run area which are separated by a timber frame and mesh infill dividing wall. This kennel is a fantastic solution for those dogs that need to be kept separate and will save you money as this will work out cheaper than two separate kennels. This kennel arrangement also makes best use of the available space.


The Chappell kennel comes with opening windows as standard, but this kennel can be upgraded to include a stable door and opening window.

Kennel sizes & prices

Single kennel Kennel dimensions Price
Chap-S2 10' x 4' x 5'h £687.50 + VAT
Chap-S3 10' x 4' x 6'h £720.84 + VAT
Chap-S4 12' x 4' x 5'h £779.17 + VAT
Chap-S5 12' x 4' x 6'h £825.00 + VAT
Chap-S6 12' x 6' x 6'h £987.50 + VAT
Double kennel Kennel dimensions Price
Chap-D2 20' x 4' x 5'h £1,329.17 + VAT
Chap-D3 20'x 4' x 6'h £1,400.00 + VAT
Chap-D4 24' x 4' x 5'h £1,512.50 + VAT
Chap-D5 24' x 4' x 6'h £1,595.84 + VAT
Chap-D6 24' x 6' x 6'h Contact us