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is a family run business, manufacturing a variety of outdoor dog kennels and runs that suit most dog handlers or dog owner’s needs, be it for full time accommodation or for occasional use. Timberbuild manufacture kennels of the highest quality and have a superb reputation which is backed up with the fact that Timberbuild supply over 13+ Police forces across the UK and as far and wide as New Zealand.

Request a Dog Kennel and Run Brochure

Contact us hereto request a full colour brochure.  We always welcome visitors to our manufacturing centre in Ashton-in Makerfield where a selection of our outdoor dog kennels may be on display. This is also an ideal opportunity to see our manufacturing process and view the quality of the materials we use to build all our kennels and runs. If you cant come and see us please take a look at our range of standard sized outdoor dog kennels or if you need a much bigger kennel solution take a look at our large custom built dog kennels and runs.


Timberbuild believe that manufacturing quality dog kennel and run systems does not come by accident but with the attention to details starting from the very beginning when we select quality grade redwood timber which is obtained from sustainable sources (FSC).

Timberbuild think it is important that the selected timber for the manufacture of your kennel and run meets our minimum standards with the following dimensions: 19mm x 125mm (finish size 15mm) 5th Redwood PTGV 2 sides and 50mm x 50mm par 5th Redwood. Read more about our wooden kennel manufacturing and our Galvanised bar upgrades.


Timberbuild have gained experience designing, manufacturing and assembling large Kennels with some customers supplying their own bespoke dog kennel and run designs, working closely together we have achieved some fantastic kennel solutions. See some examples of these kennels and runs here.

Timberbuild range of dog kennels and runs:

We have designed, manufactured and assembled many large kennels which has helped Timberbuild develop a range of dog kennels and runs which provide us with the corner stone of many of our large dog kennel and run solutions but also sell both individually and in multiple blocks with many of our customers choosing to assemble these kennels on their own, although we do provide an on-site assembly service.

Your Kennel Solution:

So if you are a looking for a small outdoor kennel suitable for one small dog or if you are a professional dog handler or dog breeder looking to kennel tens of dogs we can provide the kennel or kennel and run for you.

Customise your Kennel:

During our many years of supplying dog kennels and runs to the public and the professional dog handler we have been presented with lots of individual requirements from additional storage areas, giving dogs separate sleeping areas to fitting kennels into the tightest of areas. We always manage to come up with the best dog kennel and run for you.

Dog kennel and Run Optional Extras:

Every kennel in the Timberbuild Range is built to our very high standards but we have a range of optional extras that can further enhance your personal dog kennel and run to ensure you get the most from your kennel. For example not every dog chews its way through its kennel (believe it or not) but if your dog does tend to destroy its surroundings you may want to upgrade with various anti chew solutions we have. Many of our customers chose to upgrade the base mesh infill for the kennels doors and windows to our Galvanised bar options. We have so many options for you including, roofing, rubber matting, anti chew protection, draught curtains, locking systems, lighting, shutters and more. Read about our optional extras here.

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